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Teshura Styling
Locatie: De Groene Bark, , Zaandam
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As citizens of the world we reflect a distinctive range of beauty types.

The Teshura Styling Make-up Academy is all about diversity and moving beyond imposed beauty standards to embrace and celebrate individuality.

At The Teshura Styling Make-up Academy we believe that make-up and hair is all about self-expression. Throughout our professional careers, we have mastered to bring inner beauty to the forefront of each and every client.

The Teshura make-up course is focused on 5 representations of beauty: African, Asian, European, South American and Middle East. The academy sets high standards to make-up artistry therefor creating a professional, open minded and unique learning experience for every student.

The academy is open to all who believe that Make-up Artistry is an art form and should not be focused on solely one ethnicity.

Teshura means gift and is a gift for us all. It is our goal to share our knowledge and inspire the Make-up Industry and Make-up Artists to look past conventional beauty standards and be open to discover the world of Make-up Artistry.



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Westzijde 126A, 1506 EJ Zaandam
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